Oct 11, 2014

Telematic Embrace: You Had Me At Hello World

TONIGHT Peggy Hogan is pleased to be participating in this very special telematic performance with musicians from Montreal and Palo Alto. The concert will be livestreamed and begins promptly at 10PM EST. Find the livestream below, as well as details pertaining to the concert and its program:

Telematic Embrace is on Mixlr

Programme & Composers

Roulette - Michael Mersereau

Better & Better (Premiere) - Reg Kachanoski

Territory Circulations no. 1: You Had Me At Hello World (Premiere) - Justin Scherer & Michael Palumbo

Conversations of Other People (Premiere) - Evan Tighe

--Short Intermission--

Inert Glances (Premiere) - Evan Stepanian

Mercury's Net (Premiere) - Charlie Twitch

October 2014 Niagara - Tania Chen 

Shared Buffer - Eldad Tsabary, David Ogborn, Ian Jarvis

Palo Alto musicians:
Tania Chen: Stylophone, Toys, Melodica, Indian Cowbells, Radio, and Tiny Accordion (Hooray!)
Michael A. Mersereau: Prepared Guitar, Electronics

Montreal musicians:
Evan Tighe: Drums, objects, percussion
Erik Hove: Alto Saxophone
Adam Kinner: Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Twitch: Vocal
Peggy Hogan: Wurlitzer, Vocal
Marc André Roy: Electric Bass
Reg Kachanoski: Laptop
Eldad Tsabary: Laptop  (Live Coding!)

Hamilton musician:
David Ogborn: Laptop  (Live Coding!)

Toronto musician:
Ian Jarvis : Laptop (Live Coding!)


Special Thanks to Kevin Moon, Ricardo dal Farra, Tim Shuttleworth, Chris Chafe, and Mark Baehr.

Montreal Technical Team:

Producer -- Michael Palumbo

Audio Engineer -- Mark Corwin

Network Audio -- Eldad Tsabary

Network Video -- Evan Montpellier

Video Projectionist -- Nima Navab

Remote Communications -- Jamie Woollard

Global Mixdown Recording & Live Stream -- Didier Bergeron

Floater -- Travis West

Floater -- Philippe Blanchette

Floater -- Devon Bate


Palo Alto Technical Team:

Audio Engineer & Network Audio -- Eoin Callery

Video Networking -- Michael Mersereau