Peggy is a Montreal-based, multi-disciplinary performing artist and music educator and researcher.  A graduate of Concordia University, holding a BFA Spec. Jazz Studies, Maj. English Lit with distinction, as well as having completed the Royal Conservatory of Music's certificate program for Grade 10 Examination in Piano with Honours, Peggy is currently pursing her MA Musicology at McGill University. She is an active member of Montreal's artist community, performing as enigmatic rapper/singer, Hua Li, and continues to exercise her jazz chops in various venues throughout the city of Montreal. She is a proud member of the Art Not Love Records family, working as their A&R Manager and spearheading their artist development program.

Peggy is a hard-working and dedicated teacher who strives to instill in her students the importance of musicianship, healthy technique and strong performance skills. She enjoys working with students of all levels and musical styles and encourages her students to study repertoire that is personally inspiring to them in order to fully develop each of their student's unique voices and approaches to their instruments.

She applies a three-fold approach to vocal technique, focusing on correct production of sound through breath and vocal fold coordination, breath pacing and control, and vocal placement to ensure a healthy and full tone. In piano lessons, Peggy works with her students to develop strong understandings of keyboard theory and harmony combined with a focus on safe piano technique. In both piano and voice lessons, there is an emphasis on repertoire and the practical application of techniques in music that her students enjoy studying and playing or singing.

Peggy is available for private vocal instruction and private piano lessons in Montreal, QC and Ottawa, ON. She also offers adjudication and artist development services for small ensembles and individuals working toward developing their live performance skills and studio recording. Contact Peggy regarding her services here.