A collection of videos from a variety of projects involving Peggy Hogan

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  • Hua Li 化力 - Luxury (prod. by Gloze)

    Directed by Tyler Reekie Camera Operation - Lesley Marshall B-Roll - Dayna Danger AD - Sage Wright Titles - Charlie Twitch Love to Jeremy Feret for his special appearance. Shout outs to Sebastien Roy for lending us his Chrysler Newport 1975 moteur 400. Special thanks to: Stacy, Cherrilyn, Tessa, Gregory, Luis, Andy & Ben.

  • Cabaret TOLLÉ - Hua Li

  • Hua Li 化力 - This Chaos

    Presented by Rich Uncle-Skelleton Camera - Nick Bostick Editing, Audio, Titles - Charlie Twitch Words & Music - Peggy Hogan (aka Hua Li) huali.tumblr.com

  • This Chaos - 女声独唱

    2014年01月12日 维多利亚中华艺术团 春节聚餐汇演

  • Hua Li 化力 - Pinkett (prod. by Teck-Zilla)

    Montreal-based queer new-age Kawaii hip-hop artist, Hua Li's debut music video. Download her mixtape, The Bound Feat Pt. 1 at huali.bandcamp.com facebook.com/hualimusic huali.tumblr.com tweet tweet @peggyhoganmusic Hua Li is the alter-ego of Montreal multidisciplinary performing artist, Peggy Hogan (peggyhoganmusic.com) Directed by David J. Romero Director of Photography - Eduardo Menz Production Manager - Sofia Acityinbulgaria Styling - Tinashe Musara Prop Design - Pier-Helene Rioux Hair - Ernest James Patrick Makeup - Dominique White Body Painting - Alisha Piercy Appearances by: Kim Ninkuru Roody Renelus Brianna Darwin Alexandra Pilon Matthieu Berthelot Mstr Sstr Dave Mireille R. Champagne Julia Daigle Pier-Hélène Rioux Jey Feret Fletcher Sanchez Teck-Zilla Andrew Wardlaw Ebyan Blaq Shomari Drakes Francis Asselin Emile Thomas Pierre-Luc Bégin Sami Blanco Ashley Daw with special thanks to Cease n Desist jewelry (www.cease-n-desist.com), Pabst Blue Ribbon, Go West Shoes, Second Floor and Dayna Danger

  • Screen Cream talks to Peggy Hogan

    Sofia Acityinbulgaria talks to Montreal's Peggy Hogan (aka Hua Li) about the city, her influences and her music. Purchase Peggy's album, To Lie With at peggyhogan.bandcamp.com ! Directed by Stacy Lee of Brazen Media.

  • delay love delay

    Peggy Hogan's collaboration with experimental noise group, Delay Delay Delay, founded by Ashley Daw.

  • Hua Li x Peggy Hogan - All The Way

    Hua Li perferms All The Way in Montreal on April 6, 2012. Sampled from "I Want You" by Erykah Badu. Video shot by Patryk Stasieczek : http://www.stasieczek.net

  • Voodoo - Peggy Hogan

    Melody arranged by and lyrics written by Peggy Hogan, from a mix-tape. Track is sampled from "Bastard" by Tyler the Creator. Performed at the February 8th, 2012, Concordia Cabaret.

  • Voclectic Acapella

    Montreal's newest, most dynamic vocal group performs arrangements by Jermaine Pugeda for the NDG Food Bank's benefit night, accompanied by two talented street artists. Voclectic is: Drew Pascoe Aiza Ntibarikure Peggy Hogan Wilda Line Leyla Ghaedi Jermaine Pugeda Dustin Good with guest MC, Myer Clarity Video by Alex Marshall: http://lukewarmgirls.tumblr.com/