Peggy Hogan is a Montreal-based multi-disciplinary performing artist. Her practice is dedicated to expansion of genres and community building through lyrical and aesthetic content. Her original music project, Hua Li, explores themes of sexuality, race, feminism and interpersonal communication all the while maintaining a firm grasp on musicianship and tradition in her songwriting.

Following the completion of a BFA Specialization Jazz Studies Major English Literature from Concordia University in 2011, Peggy continues to be active in Montreal as a gigging musician, as well as a recording artist, having released her first full-length, To Lie With, in 2012 and The Bound Feat Pt. 1 (2013) and the Za Zhong EP (2015) as her alter-ego, Hua Li. Her full-length, Dynasty, is slated for release in 2018 with Art Not Love Records. She is also a classically trained pianist, having completed all the performance and music theory components of the Royal Conservatory of Music Grade Ten Piano program with Honours. She has been commissioned to compose music for several theatre productions, including Venus and Adonis, which premiered in New York City’s Hot! Theatre Festival in 2013, Izad Etemadi’s break-out one-man-hit, Borderland, and she is currently working alongside Etemadi to develop his next show, Love with Leila. Additionally, she works as a music educator, music researcher and A&R manager at Art Not Love Records. She is currenty pursuing a MA in Musicology from McGill University.